Craft Beer Cocktails

Craft beers are obviously tasty in each way on their own. However, for individuals who perhaps are not completely into the craft beer industry or for people who are simply searching to spice up things, it is time for you to try a craft beer cocktail. 

Here are a couple of popular Ontario craft beer cocktails that you can try: 

Stormy and Dark IPA 

If you add a craft beer into the combination, you can improve this well-known dark rum drink. You should begin with your classic dark rum base, lime, and iced drink ginger beer and add in your preferred IPA. The IPA can range anywhere from an extremely bitter double IPA to citrusy American hops. You can even utilize a dry-hopped session IPA. The IPA can add in additional bitter, fruity, spicy, and sweet flavors to the cocktail. This will help you separate it from the traditional version. Thus, it makes it a very excellent alternative. 

Beer Sangria 

We all know that sangria can be refreshing. However, it can also be sugary and sweet. That is why you should try skipping the wine if you want to prevent the intolerable hangover/sugar. You can replace it with a craft beer instead. The sweetness, fragrant esters, and effervescence of wheat ales significantly match the other ingredients in the sangria. In a huge pitcher, combine your fruit, citrus, white rum, as well as fruit juices with the craft beer. Make sure the fruit juices complement the beer’s flavor. Then, add in a couple of sparkling lemonade or flavored soda. Other excellent craft beer choices are American Wheat Ales, German Hefeweizens, and Belgian Witbiers.  

Craft Michelada 

This is a pretty familiar and common beverage that offers its take on a Bloody Mary. However, changing beer for vodka. Possibilities are that it was with a light Mexican lager such as Modelo or Tecate if you’ve tried this beverage before. Today, it is best that you experience with your next Michelada by adding a craft beer into the combination. A lot of craft breweries in the United States provide Mexican Type Pilsners. This makes for a mildly hoppy and crisp Michelada. 


Perhaps you are more of a beer individual compared to a Champagne individual. However, this does not mean you cannot participate in the fun of morning beverage. You should combine a non-bitter lager or ale with a little orange juice to create your beermosa cocktail. You should also try utilizing a beer that is fruit forward and dry if you really want to improve the flavors. You can easily make this cocktail and have a fun brunch with your friends. They will certainly love your beermosa.  


For a summer, refreshing, and light drink, you can combine your preferred American Wheat beer with some fruit juices, lemonade, and sparkling soda. That is all you have to do to fully transform a drink that will keep you energized all day without you getting too drunk. If you want to experiment more, there are a lot of other craft beer guides online.