Priming your indoor walls has always been a question among home owners. So, what is really the significance of priming before pushing through the painting process? 

So, when do you really need to prime before painting the interior walls of your home? 

Porous Surface 

If you have a surface that is porous, be sure to use primer before painting. A surface can be porous if it absorbs moisture, odor, water or stain. An example of a porous material would be a newly purchased drywall, thus if you have a drywall surface, then always ensure to prime first before proceeding to painting the surface. Another porous surface is a wood that has not been treated or stained. When thinking of painting a wooden material, always make sure to prime.  

Glossy Surface 

When you have a glossy surface, it can be hard to paint on. Attempting to paint on a glossy surface can be a wasteful and redundant process without the help of a primer. It can be time consuming and costly because coat after coat of paint won’t ensure the paint to stick.  

Surfaces that are glossy indeed need priming however you can also go an extra mile and give the surface a bit of sanding to ensure that your paint will stick better without the need of over coating a glossy surface without much results. 

Stained Surface 

Maybe you want to repaint your walls however the aging your house has gone through has left some stains on your walls like the ones from cooking, water damage, smoke, or even the drawings from your kids when they were still little.  

Repainting over a stained wall is never a good idea that’s why priming is a significant part of the process. However, before you proceed on priming, make sure you take care of the underlying problems in your home that have caused the stains in the first place.  

Surface with Odor 

If you are renting an apartment and you have noticed that your new apartment is giving you an odd odor all throughout the apartment then perhaps it has to do with the surfaces of your apartment. Having different tenants occupy the same space can sometimes aid in accumulated smells or odor. Some tenants that were renting previously might enjoy smoking or were very loving when it comes to pets that they had too many, some may have had fire incidents or enjoyed foods that had odd smells, having surfaces that absorb these smells can be the cause why you’re supposed to be new apartment is not smelling as it should.  

If this is the case in your living space, make sure to prime before repainting your walls! 

5. Color Switch 

Often, we go from liking pink to liking neutral shades and that is definitely normal. This change of taste may need priming when it comes to deciding whether you want your previously pink walls to be something more mature and neutral like beige. If you don’t prime you might spend more on the beige paint.  

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