Do you have an important conference or event and are looking for a dynamic Motivational Speaker or Panelist to educate, inspire, empower, and energize your crowd? Are you a corporation looking for a motivational speaker? Want to incorporate health and wellness into your organization with a POWER LUNCH HOUR? Looking to create workshops for your team?

Erica Diamond is a professional speaker represented by National Speakers Bureau in Canada and the United States. Erica has an infectious optimism and highly empathetic emotional bandwidth that connects her to audiences in the lifestyle, entrepreneur, self-improvement, and wellness space. She is a natural story teller with a dulcet speaking voice that captivates listeners with her innovative and interactive talks. Her past speaking engagements are listed below.


To inquire about bookings, please contact Erica Diamond’s Speaker’s Bureau NSB (National Speakers Bureau) at [email protected]

As a leading coach, tv wellness and lifestyle expert, businesswoman, mother, and wife, Erica Diamond is frequently asked to share and teach her tips, strategies and secrets about how she thrives as a modern woman in life and business. Read more about Erica Diamond.

Inspiring OFF THE FENCE Living

  • FORBES Magazine Top 100 Websites For Women
  • FORBES Magazine 25 Most Influential Women In Business on Twitter
  • Spokesperson for National Entrepreneurship Day
  • Winner Canadian Weblog Awards
  • Founder of the new Global GET OFF THE FENCE Movement
  • Notable Award Best Blog in Quebec
  • Huffington Post Contributor

Erica Diamond speaks on the following topics:

  • (SIGNATURE TALK) THE 5-STEPS TO GET OFF THE FENCE, GET UNSTUCK AND THRIVEWhen it comes to getting unstuck, living creatively, thriving both personally and professionally, strategic decision making, and critical thinking, Erica delivers the roadmap on how to live an empowered and purposeful life.
    Erica delivers this talk to corporations, business bureaus, exchanges, conferences, and networks everywhere. Walk away motivated, empowered, and with the proper strategies and tools to succeed. Erica shares her concrete takeaway tips and secrets to succeeding in your field. “And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
  • ERICA DIAMOND’S 30/30 CORPORATE WORK-LIFE WELLNESS POWER LUNCH WORKSHOP: FIND YOUR BALANCE. 30 Minute Talk on Work/Life Balance Strategies concluded with a 30 minutes gentle flow class. Click here for more details.
  • THE BRAIN-BODY WELLNESS DIET – FINDING YOUR BALANCE IN AN UNSTABLE WORLD. How to integrate mindfulness, breathwork, yoga, and tangible self-care strategies into your daily life. An interactive presentation that incorporates audience participation.
  • WHY IT’S ‘GREAT’ TO FAIL. Risk has been stigmatized as a dangerous word, but growth and opportunity don’t come without risk. We hear the expression, “Evolve or Die.” True visionaries see failure as an opportunity for growth and change. Failure is almost always a prerequisite to invention, innovation and success. So much so, that venture capitalists would rather invest in an entrepreneur who has already started-up and failed, over someone who hasn’t risked. Erica has achieved monumental career highs and successes over her 20-year career. She has also failed… one could say at epic proportion. Erica shares what she learned from failure, and how those mistakes led to major breakthroughs, growth and opportunities that she never anticipated. Failure isn’t final. Therefore, change and risk are not to be feared. Resilience and adaptability are 21st century skills, be inspired and empowered by hearing Erica share her story and strategies. 
  • THANK YOU, NEXT! Why constant change—recalibrating, refocus + a flexible growth mindset is necessary to propel yourself forward in all facets of your lifestyle and career. Erica promotes a series of actionable steps that gets you out of your comfort zone and inspires passion and reinvention. “It’s time to paint on a new canvas with colors you never thought possible—who’s ready?”
  • HOW TO GROW YOUR BRAND AND MONETIZE ONLINE: Today, the minute you sell a product or service to the masses, people will label you. They will try and define your personal or corporate brand. But, YOU need to take control of your brand, and steer the message. As a Media Personality and Social Media Influencer for a decade, Erica shares all her best branding tips in one powerful 60-minute talk. Also learn the tricks and tactics to diversify your revenue stream and make money online working from the comforts of your own home! Entrepreneurship has never tasted so sweet. Learn the tricks to getting media coverage for your business, to how to attract corporate sponsors, to how to get paid doing what you love. Then learn the tricks to market your business on a shoestring budget.

Just a few of Erica Diamond’s Speaking Engagements:

  • Opening Keynote Professional Organizers in Canada (POC)
  • Closing Keynote Mompreneurs Conference and Awards
  • Master of Ceremonies for Women In Business Luncheon.
  • Keynote of WXN (Women’s Executive Network) Speaker Series
  • Jeff Pulver’s 140 Conference / State of Now 
  • She’s Connected Conference: Digital Women and Brands
  • Panelist I Am: A Conference For Her
  • Closing Keynote Mom Thrive
  • YPO (Also led 80 professionals in a yoga class)
  • Health and Wellness Retreat Keynote Speaker Koena Pharma
  • Lori.Biz (Leaders of Real Influence)
  • YPO (Also led 80 professionals in a yoga class)
  • Paladin Labs Lunch Workshop
  • Women’s Federation CJA 
  • Maddy K Women’s Retreat
  • Women In Leadership
  • Off The Fence & Wise: A Women’s Wellness Conference
  • International Women’s Day: Women Around the World on Stories of Success and Empowerment
  • National Women’s Show
  • The Canadian Bar Association
  • Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle
  • Mom Summit 2.0
  • Newfoundland & Labrador Association of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange of Saskatchewan
  • Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange
  • Business and Professional Cocktail
  • CJPAC Moderator
  • Mt. Sinai Hospital
  • Le MOOD Festival
  • MoMondays
  • Media Women Montreal
  • AND MORE!!!

Erica Diamond will do a book signing after speaking. Erica Diamond is the author of the start-up business book for women, 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before… Starting Their Own Business. Her book has been endorsed by incredible names such as Sarah Ferguson The Duchess of York, Brooke BurkeSuzy Welch and more.




Good Morning America‘s Tory JohnsonNational Spark and Hustle Tour

“Erica came to speak for our professional organization: The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange delivering her “Top 10 Secrets To Business Success” – and it was an outstanding success indeed. The feedback was exceptionally positive. Even with the time constriction, Erica was able to deliver so much quality content, leaving the women in the audience writing down all the numerous tips and strategies that they could immediately implement into their businesses. And the proof is that they have!! We just received yet another call from someone who has moved to action because of Erica.

Erica Diamond is inspiring, uniquely generous with her information and in her quest to help women and budding entrepreneurs of all levels. The best thing about Erica is she does it with so much heart. The audience really feels the passion for what she does and the message she shares, along with the genuine interest in their success. It was truly a pleasure, and we look forward to the opportunity to have her return.

Thank you, Erica on behalf of all of us at The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange… we wish you much continued success.” ~Sarena Miller, The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange 2011

“We had the pleasure of working with Erica Diamond whom we booked to speak about women’s work/life balance at our 2010 show. Erica is an excellent speaker who presents herself as sophisticated and polished on stage.She was very pleasant and engaging and connected with our core audience of women. It was fantastic to add Erica to our Centre Stage line-up and we highly recommend her as inspiring, entertaining and appealing speaker at any event that wants to reach out to women.We congratulate Erica for all her accomplishments and incredible achievements and were delighted to have such a hard-working woman at our event.”~Lisa Spodek, Marketing Director, The National Women’s Show

“Erica facilitated the 2ndAnnual Montreal Women in Business Luncheon, an event hosted by the Women in Leadership Foundation and sponsored by TD, as Master of Ceremonies. The theme of the event was: “Small business: passwords to success”. She did an outstanding job tying three very different talks, which were delivered by accomplished speakers, into a well-rounded presentation. Erica, being an extremely accomplished and award-winning entrepreneur and speaker herself, exhibited the knowledge, experience and energy to moderate this panel of diverse personalities in her own sophisticated, yet personable way. She added her own experiences and lessons learned on her way to success, thus perfectly rounding off the panel and leading into an engaging Q&A session. Her contribution was a major factor leading to the success of this luncheon.

Erica has an amazing ability to capture, motivate and inspire the audience with a combination of her freely sharing information and her genuinely dynamic and polished demeanor. She does not stop and rest on her many accomplishments, but always works hard to achieve her next goal. We wish her continued success in her future endeavors and hope she will have many more chances to inspire women everywhere!~ Katrin Dinkel, Women in Leadership Foundation, Montreal Chapter

“Having Erica Diamond as a Speaker for our Women In Business Luncheon was an easy choice to make as she is a delightful woman with an inspiring story to tell. Her personable approach gave everyone in the audience the ability relate to her, and yet at the same time, still received the powerful and concrete tips and tools to take away and implement into their lives immediately. Erica’s energy, storytelling abilities, and dynamic presence makes her not only an outstanding and motivational speaker, but an overall remarkable woman!” – Amrita Pannu, Women in Leadership Foundation, 2010

“Erica came to speak for our organization, The Womens Entrepreneurial Exchange (WE2), sharing her experience and knowledge on the topic of sales and marketing. Erica is a vivacious woman with contagious energy and amazing success! She is a woman with drive and passion – who makes things happen, and shares her message of “you can too!” Her warm spirit makes her very accessible and down to earth, welcoming any questions. Thank you Erica , for inspiring us, and sharing so many “real-world” tips and techniques for not giving up and persisting through the sales process. The ladies learned many things we could immediately take away and put into practice, to improve their sales figures.

We wish you continued success on your wonderful mission to inspire other women to take the reins, and to follow their passion.” ~Sarena Miller, The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange 

On Monday, April 23, The Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation held it’s 2nd annual Sinai’s Six in the City – Fashion filled Fundraising event. The event was a resounding success in part because it was given an added boost at our opening breakfast by Keynote Speaker, Erica Diamond. Erica inspired and encouraged the audience to find and unlock their passion and live with purpose. Knowing how well we get caught up in the selfless cycle of motherhood, career, marriage and life – Erica summarized the importance of not getting lost within that and gave the 100 women attendees, powerful takeaway tips to implement into their lives. Her capacity to hold the audience with a powerful message of self-worth and self-cultivation resonated in a most meaningful way. Erica is an exceptional motivational speaker. Her warmth and genuine drive to help others find their vision is palpable the moment she steps on stage. ~Kara Maritzer– Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation

“I heard you speak in Newfoundland on Work/Life Balance. After theevent, I came home and downloaded your book from Amazon to my Kindle. Ilove it! Thanks Erica for such an inspiring conference. I will be opento anything.” ~Sandra Shiner

“Erica helped me establish a clear vision of what I wanted – from myself, from my work and for my future. What struck me most about working with Erica is that even though we never met in person (we worked via Skype), speaking to her was like speaking to a true friend with my best interest in mind. She was quick to grasp what I had trouble envisioning and her insight really helped put me on the right path to success..” ~Mona Andrei

“The second speaker of the day who blew me away with an on-point quotable was Erica Diamond of Women On The Fence. Erica spoke about the danger of comparing ourselves to other women–that when we are convinced that they have it all together and do it all, we aren’t looking at the whole picture. The way she summed it up blew me away:

“We compare our very worst to somebody else’s very best.”

Wow. That is so true, isn’t it? Haven’t you ever looked at a mom’s public game face on her very best day, and found yourself comparing it to your worst private moments? How unfair to ourselves–and inaccurate, too. I wonder how that mom would feel comparing HER worst moments to YOUR best?

Nobody has it all together. Nobody does it all. Nobody is such a hero that they change the world in a fell swoop overnight.

It’s all of us, putting one foot in front of the other day after day, who are able to live our own best lives andchange the world.

Thanks for the reminder, Erica!” ~Meagan Francis,, Mom 2.0 Summit.

FULL TESTIMONIAL from Kellie Leigh, Speaker and Digital Strategist, read more

~Alli Worthington, Co-FounderBlissdom


~Megan Jordon, Magazine Publisher and Editor


~Alison Lewis, Food TV& Media Spokesperson


~Liz Gumbinner, PR Exec and Award Winning Blogger


~Jyl Johnson Pattee, EVO Social Media Conference, Founder and #GNO

~Richelle Carey, CNN Anchor

~Pauline Hoffman, POC Canada

~Lynda Peterson, POC Canada


Erica Diamond is available for your next corporate, association or public event gathering.


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